I’ll cut right to the chase. My goal is to provide you with editing services so remarkably thorough that after working with me, the thought of using another editor never crosses your mind. To accomplish this, I not only look at your work as a competent professional, but I also look at it as a personal challenge. With every manuscript I touch, my reputation is on the line. This simple fact drives me to assist you in providing your readership with the highest quality writing you’re capable of. I don’t strive to make things better. I strive to make them perfect. Is perfection possible? No, humans are flawed, and art is subjective. But that doesn’t deter me from making perfection the goal. I have been lovingly referred to as “persnickety to a fault,” and I consider those words to be the highest praise an editor can receive, because the bottom line is this—good isn’t good enough. There’s no shortage of absolutely great books available to the public. For your book to stand a chance, it has to be exceptional in all regards. It has to be as perfect as humanly possible. I go to great lengths to ensure that it is.

Some background on me: 

First, I’m a bookworm. Period. I’ve read more books in more genres than you’d believe, and continue to do so every week. But I don’t just read. I study and analyze. It’s not good enough to notice great or insufficient writing. I figure out why it succeeded or not. I firmly believe this is the best quality an editor can bring to the table.


Second, I’ve developed an eye for detail that’s downright scary. I’ve honed this skill not only as an editor but also as a banking auditor. Finding mistakes is what I do. Details matter. Details are usually the difference between good and great. If it’s broken in the smallest manner, I will discern why and suggest options to fix it. All edits are performed in Microsoft Word utilizing track changes, and it is ultimately the author who chooses to accept, deny, or revise any and all suggestions. If you are not familiar with the track changes feature in MS Word, don’t be concerned because I will educate you on the mechanics of navigating this convenient and user-friendly process. 

Third, my combined knowledge of literature, the art of storytelling, and the intricate workings of the English language put me in a unique position to analyze manuscripts from all possible angles. Couple that with my unbridled passion for the written word, and you’ve got the support your art deserves. 

A typical copyedit includes up to three edits of the entire manuscript. This is all-encompassing, ranging from character and plot development to proofreading. It’s all important; therefore, it’s all scrutinized. The progression of this process begins with a thorough, high-quality edit of the submitted manuscript, a second thorough review of the copy once the author has an opportunity to revise the manuscript based on the original edit and feedback, and a final thorough proofread and polish edit of the finished product. Perhaps you notice that I use the word thorough quite often. This is by design. Thorough is what it's all about. 

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of “if you want something done, take it to the busiest person you can find.” In a nutshell, that’s me. I’m very fortunate to have a steady stream of clients who trust me with their art. I am always working on a stack of manuscripts. This isn’t about quantity. It’s about quality, and quality takes time. Being as detail oriented as I am, rush orders aren’t possible. If you want fast, take it to an editor who’s willing to blaze through it. I’m not that editor. However, my steady pace ensures that the job gets done correctly. I’d love the opportunity to add your art to my workload. It won’t get done tomorrow, but it will get done in a timely manner, and the results will astound you. 

I edit a wide range of genres and pricing is based on services requested by the author. For instance, although I recommend you hire me to edit the totality of your manuscript, if you only want developmental editing, I can provide that. If you only want proofreading, copyediting, or line editing, I can provide that. You’re the artist, and though I have my processes that require time to ensure the highest quality, at the end of the day, I work for you. Therefore, pricing is individualized based on the services provided and the length of the manuscript. Only the average range of pricing can be listed here. The fee paid by authors averages $300 for manuscripts containing less than 36k and $600 for copy containing less than 76k. 

Upon request, I will gladly provide a list of references to potential clients so they may directly contact other authors to whom I have provided my services. Fortunately, many of my clients are so impressed with the service I’ve provided them that they’ve authorized me to share their contact info for this purpose. 

So, let me get my hands on your manuscript. Let's get to work.

Brenda Yeager

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