How hardcore is Wade’s writing?

Here are some statements selected from Amazon reviews.

One of the best extreme horror revenge novels I have read. If you like extreme horror justice against the bad guys, this book is for you. Seth makes Dr. Hannibal Lecter look tame.

Yes, finally sets a new level for depraved, actually thought I had a conscious for a moment.

As a fan of both Wade H Garrett's work and extreme gore you can imagine my excitement for this short story. Every time I read one of Wade's books I think it can't get any sicker... this (yet again), proved me wrong. This is on the level of A Serbian Film filth and depravity. If you are unfamiliar with that movie, then take my (and everyone else's), word that this is SICK. Sick isn't even really the correct word to describe this... utterly despicable and vile are words that touch just the tip of the iceberg of how totally disgusting and horrific this is.

Gruesome, violent, sadistically mind-raping extreme horror at the top of the game.

True, this snippet of "Gore~rotica" would make snuff film makers envious for the boundaries that had been pushed.

I thought I had a twisted way of thinking, but this takes the cake. Some of the things Seth does to these to people will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!!!!

I've never read Garrett's other books but this is one of the most intense things I've ever experienced.

I mean, holy crap! I have never read anything so completely disturbing in my 44 years, and that's saying something!

I can handle graphic novels, but this was almost too much to handle.

From the first page to the last Wade always amazes the reader with what he comes up with next. Gruesome doesn't begin to describe what goes on in these pages.

Even if I was dropped on an island with just some pages, I would recognize Wade Garretts writing style.

Art must disturb. Boy, does this disturb.

This is one of the most extreme horror stories that I have read. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who has a strong stomach and loves this genre of reading.

Just when you think it's safe to go back into the water...... YOU better rethink and think real hard....Wade is a living ( no pun intended ) example of RAW, Gut wrenching UNINHIBITED "Mind Rape" EXTREME GUTTER VOMIT ... I just can't get enough of his stories... Going way past the limits and boundaries. HELL No... There's no limits...."Filthy Movie" is his best work so far... After reading his early works, I see how he has dedicated himself to to the mastery of his own perfection. He has now arisen and, escalated into a true sick King Of Shock. It's starts out grabbing your attention from the get-go. I am glad I didn't eat prior to reading, especially TWINKIE..... Please Note... If you are not a well-seasoned Splatterpunk gore horror reader, DO NOT READ FILTHY MOVIE. Maybe trading Garbage Pail Kids cards is more your taste.  I must commend Wade and his talented staff and Editor and Proofreaders... The King Of Raw Kink has landed!!!! Love ya Wade.

Ok....I bit my acrylic nails, almost chipped a tooth, pulled at my hair, almost began cutting myself, threw up, and had a panic attack. I absolutely loved this book.....gotta meet Mr. Garrett. My new rock star. Hell, his wife too. Any pets? Rest of family? I could be friends with a dynasty of sick depravity.

Crosses the line between seriously twisted gore and torture into a whole new strata of perversion.


I must mention that I am a gore hound and am definitely no stranger to extreme media. I was seriously skeptical when I read the reviews on here, and I honesty laughed away the warning that the book has. I am more than happy to admit that I should have taken that warning seriously and this book is a ride through extremely dark territory.

Garrett was so detailed, and created such vivid pictures with his writing. The diseased mind this writer has will give you the creeps. He is the Stephen King of splatterpunk! I have read a lot of extreme gore/splatterpunk, but this beat them all!

If you want to read something that is extremely hardcore, with a lot of sexual violence, this book is for you! You have to be a true dedicated hardcore horror/splatterpunk fan to truly enjoy this book. Which I most definitely am - and there were STILL parts within this book that actually made me squirm, which to be honest - is a FIRST for me. So that right there should tell you how detailed and in-depth the extreme violence, both sexual and physical, in this book really is.

Contained some of the grossest things I have ever heard of or could ever imagine.

Probably the most extreme graphic horror book ever.

I loved it! Once again Wade pushes me out of my comfort zone, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

This story imo surpasses everything else I've read that Wade has written...extremely graphic, gory, and shocking. Thus, particular story should only be read by the most dedicated (and deranged lol) extreme horror fans.

Never have I read anything like this...and had it been written by someone else, I doubt I would've been able to finish it! Consider yourself warned!

So, this gives a new word for extreme horror. I call it retching horror.

If you like splatterpunk, extreme horror, torture porn, vigilante, or revenge stories, you should give Wade H. Garrett a try. His stories are filled with some of the most graphic gore imaginable, and I love every word of them.

This is the new master of extreme horror. Not for the weak hearted. If you like controversial extreme horror go read this book.

OMG. This is definitely the nastiest, most disgusting story I have read yet. There were a few parts that made me look away and stop reading for a bit.

The story is extremely hard to read if you're not used to gore and sadism.

Absolutely do not read if you are easily disturbed by gore and grotesque situations. This one really pushes extreme horror to its limits. Reminiscent of the Saw films, but on some extreme drugs.

Only Wade H. Garrett can make a nun appreciate depraved redemption.

Wade strikes again! I love the way he writes! Extreme horror is an understatement but even with the extreme horror and outrageous gore he still manages to get some humor in there.

It's clear that Wade H Garrett has one hell of an imagination and I'm thrilled that he shares it with us with such sadistic, insane bastards!

In my opinion Wade H. Garrett is the best author ever! When I pick up a book to read, I want to experience and feel as if I'm there experiencing, visually seeing and yes smelling everything the author is writing about, but "AT A SAFE DISTANCE". Well this is this author's trademark. In a way, I'm kind of sorry I read his books first because his writing style spoiled it for all other authors I've read since, and believe me, I've read quite a few! Don't get me wrong there are some great writers out there, however, to me (because I love the way this guy makes you feel while reading any of his material) none can come close.

Sick, twisted, gross--and very creative. Two of my favorite books are American Psycho and Naked Lunch and I almost put this one down. It's f***** up!

Probably the closest I've ever been to throwing up while reading.

Wade never ceases to amaze me with his works. Just when I think they can't get any more disturbing, bam, here it is. The true test was to pass it on to the wife, who is a fan of his other works. She was disgusted, disturbed, and can't wait for the next book. This guy has a gift and I hope more big things to come. Robert Bardo approved.

Stuff that you might think takes place in red rooms on the deep web, if red rooms actually existed.

Also, and most important that his writing is not for the faint of heart. His books carry a warning so that if you are not a hard-core horror fan and not willing to push the limits of humane endurance, decency, pain and suffering, then these books are not for you. The warning is to be taken literally!

That was intense, that's all I have to say. I feel like a bad person for reading it, but I like extreme horror.

A lot of the extremely disturbing books I have read have been extreme in only their violence... or their lack of the English language. Wade, however, tortures his readers with his well-written and extremely descriptive prose. Moreover, he doesn't only rely on depraved acts of violence to torture you - he goes a step further and literally rapes your mind with the severe psychological torture Seth inflicts on his victims.

There is a warning on this for a reason. I have never read anything that made me cringe the entire time.

Wade H. Garrett continues to hold up his reputation of writing gruesome, disturbing, bloody, violent, and horrifying stories.

I laughed, cringed, and gagged while reading this. Wade has a writing style like few others. I enjoyed this just a hair under the Angel of Vengeance series which is my all-time favorite series from any genre. Disgusting and perverse. I loved every single page. It takes a special kind of author to write this genre.


Do not read unless you are a depraved weirdo. It’ll make you squirm.

This short story takes you into the darkest territories within your mind. It's not your average underground snuff films projected, and Wade Garrett put on the hugest thong panties he owns to take that extra step to delve into the most unthinkable, horrific extremes that one can barely imagine. Did he cross the line? Possibly for some readers, but absolutely not for us hardcore horror fans.

Gross and vulgar. It is an acquired taste to read Wade Garrett. This book feels how a Rob Zombie remake of the film Of Mice and Men might look like. If you want clean horror with watered down violence, go somewhere else. But if you like your horror to feel like a roller coaster, this is worth a look. And remember it is only a book so stop acting so shocked and offended. It’s a book!

That was without a doubt the most, bloodiest, sickest, downright makes you want to throw up books I have read so far this year.

Typical wade, as disgusting as they come.

This goes beyond horror and makes you cringe as you read it. This is the first author who I've found to have both gore and really good characters and story line.  If you are a fan of the SAW films than you must read these books! They are even better than the SAW films and actually make the SAW films look like a G RATES series. Out of this world reading. Believe me the warning on this book says what it means and means what it says! If you are not a seasoned horror fan, or are squeamish I would strongly advise not reading this book. But if you love deep twisted, unspeakable, unimaginable horror with deep meaning and justice this is the book for you. The glimpse into hell series are books like you've never read before. It takes an extradentary writer to be able to mix the darkest horrors that would rival even Satan’s hell and add dark humor and make it work!

In my opinion none can compare to the writings of Wade H Garrett but again that's my opinion.

I am a fan of extreme horror and this author is the best I've read in this genre.

If there is an author that can present a gore festival better than Wade I haven't found him yet.

Seth is probably the most heartless serial killer you have ever met.

Very graphic and like the cover states sadistic. Haven't read anything close in a very long time.

As I have said, none can compare to the vivid brutality and vengeance…

This is one of the most disgusting books I have ever read, but I loved it any way, talk about extreme, actually extreme is too mild for this book.

Indeed, the best extreme torture series ever.

The gore is top notch and the torture scenes are some of the most hardcore that I have read.

A true master of horror.

While this book is definitely not for everyone, I think those who really appreciate excruciatingly dark and violent novels will love this. Heed the warning! If you are in any way offended or sickened by graphic accounts of violence - DON'T read this. However, if you want to read something that makes the SAW films look like a kindergartner wrote them... then this is definitely up your alley.

I'm new to the splatterpunk genre and I have to admit that I have read some books that had me calling for a time out, but none as gory and disgusting as anything dished out by our Angel of Vengeance.

I've always been interested in reading extreme horror, violence, and torture. However, I've never found anything that rose to the level that I had wanted. I've read the usual ... Shaw, Miller, West, Cano, etc. And I've enjoyed their work, but I was craving something that was more extreme. There just seemed to be something missing in their books. It bothered me that some of the books came with "warnings" about the contents, but then discovered the story didn't live up to those warnings. I always wanted something I felt that, if I was a writer, I would want to write. Something over the top. I hadn't found it; until I stumbled upon this series.

This author has got a knack for coming up with the most twisted, sick, detailed, off the wall torture stories. And I mean seriously sick and twisted. You won't be disappointed!!

A masterpiece of extreme horror, with Wade H. Garrett's plotting skills, great old-school values
and excellent lead character, Seth Coker, making this a must have for people who like the
hard stuff.

Wade H. Garrett can write a book. I was looking for something different and boy did I find it. Dark, twisted, gory and AMAZING. Wade created an awesome character Seth, that I honestly wish existed in our under punished society.

This book is seriously an experience. I had to keep putting it down to process the vile and graphic imagery - all the while applauding Wade for his message. Halfway through the book I had dreams about it and about Seth. When a book sticks with me then I know it is a good one.

How on earth can one mind come up with these fabulous torture ideas, one will never know.

Take "Death Wish" and mix with "Hellraiser", throw in a touch of comedy (dark comedy, mind you) and you have just had a "glimpse" into this book...pun intended.

Gruesome, it's accurate in the series description as I've read a few in this genre and never seen the creativity or this extreme, and definitely not for weak stomachs (not kidding here at all, not one bit, 0% kidding about this) but if you like the idea of revenge and the wicked suffering this guy delivers in spades.

One of the best books I have read in a long while, definitely not for the faintest of hearts, very gruesome, very graphic and an amazing storyline.

This book was mind changing. I have always had these types of thoughts roaming in my mind, and Wade H. Garrett brought them to words. It's filled with action and I am confident that anyone who loves gruesome stories will fall in love with this book, much like I did. I haven't come across any other book on the market that has brought these feelings of fear and happiness to me like The Angel of Vengeance did.

You are one sick and twisted individual. I like that in an author. lol This book drew me in in a way that hasn't happened in a long time. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Can't wait to read more of your work!!

This is true gory extreme horror at its finest.

Great book!!! Wasn't expecting it to be that gruesome (even though it is clearly stated in the title and the first few pages).

If you like torture novels, this is it.

Best Horror book I have read in a long time, not going to find me walking around in the dark after reading this.

This book is so realistic that, I thought, there is absolutely no way this author could be that detailed unless he did these stupendously, horrendously, barbaric acts in real life. To use street slang, this author is cold as hell, (that means very good, awesome! A compliment). I must admit, I was worried that you, the author is a serial killer and I was going to call the cops and have them check for murders and disappearance that would correlate with the crimes committed in this book.

I like all different types of books, but one genre I rarely read is gruesome horror. I was in the mood for something different during a long commute to work, so I downloaded this one. Boy, did it wake me up! Gruesome is understating it.

First time in a long while a book has literally made me sit on the edge of my seat.

This book is so incredibly detailed in the torturing that it seems as though the author created these mauled victims himself.

I'm a twisted type of person. I enjoy studying sadistic murders and their killers. I also am a theistic Satanist, with high interest in the gruesome mind of others who actually can commit barbaric horrible acts. I myself have tried to write stories like these, and done MUCH research. I must say... this is by far the best book I have ever read (keeping in mind I've only read first book, I'm sure I will state that again in next book review lol). I have never came across a more amazing, realistic, barbaric, sadistically written book in my life. Better than I could imagine! Thank you for writing such a wonderful work of art, and I can't wait to continue onto the next book in about an hour lol. Never thought I'd find the perfect book till now. Pure genius!

This book was extreme even to the most hardened reader of extreme horror.

Surely unequaled imagination. Opens the darkest parts of the mind and plays havoc with the imagination. Just when you think it has reached its pinnacle of evil a New plateau emerges from the deepest, darkest corners of a place you never thought could exist in anyone's mind, let alone your own.

What a truly horrific and messed up book. I couldn't put it down! I was skeptical about this book being "the most extreme", but I think it is deserving of that title. Not much can freak me out, but this really did- I had some pretty messed up nightmares!

Wade is a phenomenal writer and keeps you in suspense with what could he do next? There were a few parts that made me think WoW...he is sick and messed up, and I enjoyed every word of it.

If you have read other EXTREME horror, you MUST read this, it will give you more to talk about with your shrink.

Mr. Garrett is a true horror writer whose main character is a hero out for revenge for the innocent and weak.

How Wade comes up with this sick and twisted stuff is beyond me but for a gore fiend such as myself I'm glad he does.

Almost too gruesome for me. If you want something gross on almost every page, this is the book for you.

If you love Gore to the extreme this collection is it. Wade Garrett is the man for violent revengeful torture.

This book pushes horror to the limits. Most gruesome books I have ever read & can't wait for the next one.

FINALLY, the master has returned! Hold on tight kiddies cause this man brings the pain. Thank you, Mr. Garrett. I could read nothing but your books and be one happy man. Keep them coming please.

Wade Garrett had me hooked with his style of writing there are very few books and writers who can pull of such true to life Gore & blood bath in a book that is still realistic.

Mr. Garrett is alone in this arena of horror literature, and that's a good thing!

Gore Written for the Sake of Gore. And wow, the King of Gruesome has done it again!

Just when you think Wade H. Garrett can't possibly come up with anything more disturbing he does it again.

Wade never ceases to amaze with the new horrific plots he comes up with!

Never ceases to amaze. Just when you think there is no possible way to outdo the graphic torture described, out comes a whole new level of images to keep you engaged and up at night.

This book has scenes in it that are the most vile and gruesome things I have ever come across.

If you love gore like I love gore, then you'll love this book its sick and depraved and outrageously gruesome on so many levels it’s a psychopath's wet dream and I want more ;-)

This was more than "gum chewing for the eyes" because there was a valid storyline and the action and mind-raping were really intense at times.

This is probably the most gruesome and sadistic book that I have read.

I would recommend to anyone who has a love for the sick and twisted. If I could give it a ten-star rating I would.

If you are looking for extreme, Garrett is definitely one of the first authors i would suggest you read.

I fell in love with Garrett after the first few pages. His main protagonist is one of the best, most refreshing characters I have seen in a long time. A genius when it comes to sadism and funny as hell, he doesn't disappoint. Anyone who is into the hardest of hardcore gore/torture you have to read these books.

Absolutely the most disgusting book series I have ever read!

It takes someone with big balls to write about sensitive subjects, even bigger balls to incorporate that in with the most graphic and sadistic acts of vengeance you can imagine, then the biggest set ever to put it out there for the whole world to read. This is by far the sickest series that I've ever read, and take note, the warning labels are there for a reason.

If ur offended easily, or have a weak stomach, Wade H. Garrett is probably not the ideal writer for u. However, if u are entertained by reading about violent, sadistic, ruthless criminals getting their just desserts, then it is time to seek out this author.

The gore is extreme, the most graphic I've ever read. I actually had to take a break in Book 1 and Book 3 of this series because I was feeling faint!

This book/series is the best I've ever read hands down!!! Seth is AWESOME in a sick and twisted way and I love his character!!

Once I started, it was hard to put down. The things the imagination can come up with is taken to a whole New level. Kind of scary even thinking about the things that were done. It takes a certain kind of mind to come up with this stuff. Thank you for opening a whole new world of terror.


I am a little embarrassed to admit that my favorite bit was the most disgusting and offensive part of the whole thing. Twinkie. One of the craziest, most inappropriate, nastiest things I have ever read. Ever. And that’s saying something for an extreme read that features bloody socks, golden showers, tit-bags, coprophagia, and pocket pussies. Get the retch bucket ready. Wade H. Garrett needs therapy. Seriously. So do I, for enjoying it. Seriously.

Damn, I've read some dark sadistic tales, but this book has finally made me realize: (I Do Have A Limit!)

Yes, finally sets a new level for depraved, actually thought I had a conscious for a moment.

Would recommend, for sure, if you want to live in a cold sweat of knowledge that thoughts like this exist inside someone's head.

Hands down one of the sickest damn stories I have read. I'd bet you won't find anything more disturbing.

If you're a fan of gross sadistic horror, then welcome to this book. This is by far my favorite author, he's not afraid to go all the way, even if offends.

You know that feeling when you’ve eaten too much cotton candy and gone on a carnival ride? That’s how this book made me feel. It was so much fun but made me feel like throwing up. This is easily Wade’s best and most entertaining book to date, although some would argue that I should be locked up in the Cedar Hill Sanitarium for thinking this is in any way entertaining. I consider myself a seasoned extreme horror reader, but without hesitation, I can say this road trip of debauchery has some of the sickest and most disgusting yet inventive gore scenes I’ve read. I thought this also had the darkest shade of black humour, but this could also be used as evidence towards my Cedar Hill incarceration.

Brilliant... This book is gory, bloodthirsty to the max and wrong on a lot of levels...if you enjoy extreme horror and you aren't eating lunch, this is the perfect choice! The best extreme horror!

As an avid reader of extreme horror, this has got to be the most disturbing books I have ever read.

I was wondering how more extreme his books could get, and found out here. The warnings are there, if you're offended don't go near this, the author doesn't want that, this is for a seasoned extreme horror reader!

Very disturbing book. Am a seasoned reader of such books and i was glad to feel shocked at the story. That said it did what it said on the tin.

Having read a few of Sam Wests books, I thought I was an extreme horror fan. However, this book disturbed me. A few days later I'm still thinking of a few parts of this one and shuddering.

However, that aside, this book takes it to the limits. Maybe over the limit lol. I didn't listen to the description to my peril, thought I could handle this one. I was wrong.

It started off ok, but 10 minutes into the book I had to stop. Too extreme for me lol.

I have spent so many years looking for a story, or film, that really gets your heart pumping, and your guts churning with such visceral emotion, it is almost physical. I have been though a lot over the last 21 years. I've had over 20 surgical procedures following an RTA, and let me tell you, being in a coma, and on morphine, there were very real nightmares that I both witnessed, and imagined. However, since then I have felt more, and more desensitized over the years. My partner gets angry because I can sit there and watch the SAW movies and not even blink. Up until reading this story I thought there was something wrong with me. Most people turn away at gory or disturbing scenes, yet I remain glued to the screen, but the emotions are still numb. I began to question if I was a psychopath or sociopath, but after reading this truly raw, rollercoaster straight to hell, I felt every single bit of it. It also evoked memories of hopelessness. Like the two protagonists, I too used to beg the DR's and Nurses to reassure me that everything would be ok, I was on the road to recovery, and I wasn't in danger anymore and that I wasn't going to die anytime soon. And their reply: Unfortunately, you aren't out of the woods yet. You had a 98% mortality rate and now all we can say is that it has dropped to 75%. This was in ICU where I spent one month of a six-month hospital stay. I had metal fixtures to my head, pelvis, left leg, right hip traction, and a colostomy because I had over 100 sutures, you know where, and so many more injuries. Strapped down to a bed, only glimpsing parts of myself in the reflection of metallic cabinets, gave me constant panic attacks and hyperventilation. I suffered and witnessed things in that first month that no human being should ever go through. All these years have past and I felt numb about it all. Until today. I know I won't sleep tonight; my stomach still feels as though it has plummeted to the earth's core. Thank you for making me feel again, if only to reassure me that I am not a psychopath... and am indeed, Alive!