Cedar Hill Sanitarium


Cedar Hill Sanitarium (CHS), was a 302-bed psychiatric hospital located in Cokerville, Texas.  It closed in 1989 after two patients, Leonhard Krauss and Byron Schlaeger, escaped and went on a killing spree, known as the Cedar Hill Massacre.

Cedar Hill Sanitarium was the oldest psychiatric facility in the state of Texas before it closed.  The hospital was established in 1851 and began operating in 1854 with thirteen patients.

The hospital was known for its controversial treatments.  During the early 20th century, it was common for patients to be strapped down for so long that their skin had grown over their restraints.  Other patients were chained up while naked for long periods of time.  “Water cure” was used for patients that were difficult.  Staff members would cover a patient with a sheet while lying in bed, and water would be poured over their face.  This was the precursor to “water boarding”.

Between 1932 and 1955, drugs, electroconvulsive and surgery became the common treatment.

In the late-seventies and early-eighties, reports of overcrowding and deplorable conditions placed the hospital in the spotlight.  The Cedar Hill Massacre was the ultimate reason in the closure of the hospital.

Insane Bastards

Based on the Cedar Hill Massacre.

Leonhard “Rocky” Krauss and Byron “Twig” Schlaeger, escape from Cedar Hill Sanitarium and go on a murderous rampage.  Rocky is a large man suffering from gigantism and Twig is a foulmouthed and perverted midget.  Separately, they had always been mistreated and bullied, but together, they are unstoppable, unleashing sadistic and barbaric acts of violence the assholes of society.


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